Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I have the elephants wandering around now, chasing down those pesky fires. Go elephants!

So, this is a blog in which I may occasionally post updates about various game projects I'm working on, or thoughts about games in general.

I'm a games developer at a small company in London called Morpheme. I mainly do design and programming, but sometimes graphics too, though I prefer to leave that to the experts wherever possible.

Originally, Morpheme started off as a mobile developer, doing WAP games when I joined in 2000. We've gone from WAP to J2ME mobile games to web games in flash to PC games for casual games portals and hopefully console platforms like Xbox Live Arcade and Nintendo DS in the future. My time in the industry has been a condensed form of the path many developers who started in the 8bit era have followed. Professionally, I've made around 20 games published on various platforms (mostly mobile), but also a whole load of private projects, in varying states of completeness.

I guess over time, all being well, I'll gradually post more stuff about my games.

In the meantime, here's a screenshot of my latest 'home' project - Bernie the Pyromancer:

Games I have made, a very probably incomplete list, presented here mainly as a memory jogging exercise for things I intend to mention in the future:

TunnelRat (Amos/Amiga)
Gribble and Slipps (Amos/Amiga)
Burble the Dragon (Amos/Amiga)
Arther and Jim's Letter Quest (Amos/Amiga)
Bip (TurboC/Dos)
Yellow Submarine (TurboC/Dos)
Midnight to Dawn (Visual Basic/PC)

WAP (all I can remember, anyway):
Backgammon (J2EE)

Mobile (all J2ME):
Gribble and Slipps
Gnome Garden
Christmas Pig Out
Balloon-Headed Boy
Go To Hell!
Penguin (Pinball Logic Script Engine)
Bluetooth Biplanes
Worms Mania
Worms Forts 3D
Blazing Fists
Prism: Light the Way

Primordial Soup (Flash)
Piano Pooch (Flash)
Scan (Flash)
Balloon-Headed Boy (J2SE)
PixelFace (J2SE)

Fill Up (J2SE+WildTangent)
Ukase (J2SE/PC)
Cluster (J2SE+Java3D/PC)
MonkeyBand (J2SE)
Balloon-Headed Boy (J2SE)
Bernie the Pyromancer (C++/PC)

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