Monday, December 17, 2007

Gamma 256

Last night I had a blast through some of the entries to Gamma 256 - an indie game dev competition whose event closes the Montreal Games Summet.

You can find the games here.

So far, stand-outs include:

Bloody Zombies, where you mow down the dead with a lawnmower, Braindeadstyle, then surf around on their blood like that old forgotten Molyneux platformer, Flood.

Mr Heart Loves You Very Much, which is an interesting take on the space-navigation, block-sliding puzzler.

And Stdbits, which is like a nu-rave take on the old Atari VCS game Adventure.

You'll be wanting an Xbox 360 controller for Windows, which (happily) is becoming a standard requirement in the indie-games scene. Enjoy!

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