Thursday, November 08, 2007

Flash on the Beach

Just got back from Brighton, where I've been attending talks at the Flash on the Beach conference. Really good timing, since I'm just about to plough right into Actionscript 3 programming by porting my current game CowBandits (itself a port of the second mobile game I ever made).

I'm also going to port my particle engine across from c++ (in fact I already started on the laptop), and the work of algorithmic artists such as Robert Hodgin, Joshua Davis, Eric Natske and Jared Tarbell have left me super-inspired to add a number of features to it. In particular, I want to have bitmap data affecting particle behaviour in various ways, introduce ribbon trails and get some sound interaction going.

I'm gonna add these guys to a new 'art' section in my links. They deserve it.

I'm also keen to check out the Processing language - Robert Hodgin's work especially shows off what this can do, and I'm particularly interested in the ability to do spectral analysis on an audio input and infer physics properties from the sound data - thinking about doing some work towards visualising my brother's band.

Most of all though, I want to get back to working on the Flash game I'm making with my pal Dick Hogg, codename 'Hohokum'. It's inspired by Asteroids, Armadillo Run and Katamari, and I must must must get back to it!

(I finished reading The Hobbit on the train down to Brighton yesterday. Gandalf is nowhere near as hardcore in that book - he must have gone to advanced wizard training college between that and the start of Lord of the Rings, otherwise he'd have had no chance against the Balrog).

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